To find a python script, I use pgrep -af python.

Is there a similar command to find node.js scripts?


You could just do:

pgrep -a node

This could potentially detect false positives if you have another process with node in its name.

Also note this wouldn't work if the node script is using a node hashbang and was run without the node command, although I think that would also be the case for python scripts.

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    Just a quick query. If the name of the process is 'node', and you don't want to search the full command line with arguments, why not do pgrep -a node instead? – Haxiel Apr 6 at 15:16
  • @Haxiel: Good point. That could also detect false positives but should be essentially the same as the awk commands I've included anyway – Jesse_b Apr 6 at 15:23

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