When I first configured a server I created a set of folders and an additional drive. Today it was reported that these folders are now missing. After looking through /log/messages I see this line, which is different than a similar server that was patched on the same night.

systemd: u01.mount: Directory /u01 to mount over is not empty, mounting anyway.

One fix suggested umount then mount to recover data. There was no change, and the only folder under the mountpoint is the lost+found which is empty.

I'm looking for any additional troubleshooting steps to see if the files/folders could be recovered.

  • The sequence you followed is a little confusing; are you saying that the directory was empty after mounting /u01, or while /u01 was unmounted? It sounds like, from the first message, that your data is underneath the current /u01 mount. – Jeff Schaller Apr 5 '19 at 15:48
  • What it appears to have happened, may missed something in troubleshooting, is 1 server configured, including folder structure 2 after months in operation server was patched and rebooted 3 during boot that error is generated 4 report of files missing 5 troubleshooting, including unmount/mount, no new log messages I only assume the original files are somehow "under" the existing blank mount point. – RunThor Apr 5 '19 at 16:41

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