I have directories which are in GB's in linux file system. I want disk usage the fastest way to get the directories list. how much disk space is consuming for each directory. I used du in background but it takes lot of time (probably days to find each directory usage).


You can try tree:

tree -d -h --du

-d only print directories, -du disk usage, -h human friendly output

  • Is this command get the fastest way of disk usage for each directory ? I dont need subdirectories size. Just need parent directory – Kandikuppa Vinod Apr 5 at 14:49
  • 1
    To be honest I've always used du, tree is another option I don't know comparative speed: du --max-depth 1 -h – slowko Apr 5 at 14:56
  • Any other tool/command line options to get bigger disk usage of directory. bcoz my data in each directory is consuming more than 50 GB it takes time to get i guess.. If i can get very fast using alternative tool/commands i hope that would be better – Kandikuppa Vinod Apr 8 at 5:50

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