I have setup gopass to be my password manager on my arch linux desktop. I would like to sync the password store to my Android mobile device.

Is the only way to create a remote git repo on GitLab/Bitbucket and sync the passwords that way? Is there any other way? I would rather not have my passwords pass through 3rd party hosts.

  • @Rui F Ribeiro is the original statement 'if that is in any way possible' flouting any rules that you had to edit it out?
    – Inxsible
    Commented Apr 5, 2019 at 4:07

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For posteirity's sake, I found these 2 options listed in the link below to sync the password-store to my other machines.

gopass usage

I used my self hosted cloud to sync the password-store and then using gpg to import the public and private key to my other machines.

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