I have a command for one of my launchers:


That's all. When launch from the terminal, it runs fine, Discord starts as intended.

When I click the launcher, nothing happens. I see a small burst of CPU activity on the CPU monitor, that's all. Nothing starts.

Specifying the absolute path does not solve the problem.

What about using the full path to "Discord" instead of "discord"? This is what gets added when I simply add an "existing item" to the launcher:


Nope. Nothing.

However, if I run /usr/share/discord/Discord in the terminal, it starts fine again.

Now, maybe there is a third way, the "actual" way of starting Discord? I don't really care, I want to know why it works in the terminal, and why it doesn't work in the launcher -- with the exact same command!

How do I debug this? How can I see the output of the obviously failed command (as indicated by the little burst in CPU activity)?

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    Know nothing about discord but you can try with a laucher like : xterm -e sh -c 'discord' – ctac_ Apr 4 '19 at 20:08

The problem was that I had renamed my homedir's name. After going into various hidden subdirectories and doing a recursive search and replace to change any occurrence of the old username to the new one, XFCE started working again.

Note that this was a problem even for new launchers, not just existing ones.

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