How do I use xbps with an authenticated proxy? what configuration do I have to do? I'm looking for an example because I've tried configuring the environment variable and nothing, I'm almost buying a service and creating a VPN server on it to be able to connect without dealing with the proxy, but I'd really like to learn how to connect to a proxy network on voidlinux xbps.

What I tried and did not succeed so far:

export HTTP_PROXY=http://user1:123@
export HTTPS_PROXY=http://user1:123@
export FTP_PROXY=http://user1:123@

I've already tried it:

 export HTTP_PROXY=http://user1:123@
 export HTTPS_PROXY=http://user1:123@
 export FTP_PROXY=http://user1:123@


export http_proxy="http://user1:123@"
export https_proxy="http://user1:123@"
export ftp_proxy="http://user1:123@"

Am I doing something wrong? do I need to restart some service so that the environment variables are recognized?

If I run the command below after configuring the environment variables, I get the following error:

perdugames@perdugames:~$ sudo xbps-install -v -S 
[*] Updating `https://alpha.de.repo.voidlinux.org/current/x86_64-repodata' ...
ERROR: [reposync] failed to fetch file `https://alpha.de.repo.voidlinux.org/current/x86_64-repodata': Connection timed out

Which makes me believe that there is some problem with libfetch, that a part of the code is shown in the link below:



But I still have not found where the error or my error is.

Note: And yes that username and password, as well as the address and ports are correct because when setting the /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/00proxy file with this data in a debian like, it works as expected.

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I tried with:

export http_proxy=""
export ftp_proxy=""
export HTTP_PROXY_AUTH="basic:*:user1:123"
And it still does not work for xbps.

And it still does not work for xbps.


This might be a sudo-related issue.

Sudo commands don't automatically inherit environment variables.

You have to specifically tell sudo to do this.

Add the following line in your visudo config:

Defaults env_keep += "http_proxy https_proxy ftp_proxy"

  • you're right works now. – PerduGames May 27 at 22:04

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