Am looking for a method through which I can download and install packages without a sudo. What I really would like to know is the method which permits me to install packages without super user involvement.

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    Welcome to U&L! You can download a package from the repositories using only a browser. Do you really just want to download them, or do you want to do something else with them afterwards (such as running the packaged application)? – JigglyNaga Apr 4 at 9:27
  • What am really expecting is, I want to download Django in CentOS and install it. But am having a restraint about not having admin privileges. And thank you so much for such a quick response! – Rohan Shah Apr 4 at 10:13
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    OK, the "and install it" step is the important bit where you'd normally need admin privileges, so that's worth mentioning in your question. – JigglyNaga Apr 4 at 11:03
  • is there any possible solution for this or not?? – Rohan Shah Apr 4 at 11:41
  • You could ask your sysadmin to install pip & virtualenv - There's a tutorial here. From there, you could create your own virtual environment and install Django: The docs are here. – Haxiel Apr 4 at 13:23

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