I already have a mirror of the entire slackware64-current/ directory tree using

wget -r -np -R "index.html*" https://mirror.slackbuilds.org/slackware/slackware64-current/

and that's fine. But it's getting a bit old, and I'd like to update just the changed files. rsync would work great, but I don't have an ssh username@... for that mirror.slackbuilds.org/ site. Is there any way to rsync publicly-accessible files from a remote server without a username@?

Alternatively, I've browsed the manpages for lftp and wget, but am not seeing exactly how to construct the appropriate commands. It seems like lftp would do the trick if I could figure out exactly how, but the manpage isn't entirely clear (to me).

So what, and exactly how, is the best way to sync up a local directory tree from a publicly accessible remote server (without any ssh username or other privileges)? It looks like Rsync from remote server to local computer with no public IP is asking basically the same question, but not getting a suitable answer (at least not for my purposes). And, by the way, it would be great to also have an rsync  -n type of option, so that I could see what needed updating before actually updating it.

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You're looking for the -N flag to wget:

Wget will ask the server for the last-modified date. If the local file has the same timestamp as the server, or a newer one, the remote file will not be re-fetched. However, if the remote file is more recent, Wget will proceed to fetch it.

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