Need a shortcut for finding the end for a particular begin in SystemVerilog syntax.


vim has a matchit package which lets the % key in command mode jump from a begin to the matching end, from a <tag> to the matching </tag>, etc. just as it does by default with matching braces, brackets, parentheses, etc.

To use it, you can enable the matchit package with

:packadd! matchit

Then define the matching words with

:let b:match_words = '\<begin\>:\<end\>,\<module\>:\<endmodule\>'

To use it, put the cursor on a begin or end while in command mode and press % -- it will jump to the matching end/begin. Press % again to jump back to where you started from.

You can put those commands in your ~/.vimrc (or ~/.gvimrc). Notice that the matchit package won't work if you're using vim in vi-compatible mode (with :set compatible).

More info is available with :h matchit, especially about how matchit interacts with the syntax mechanism.

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