I recently reconfigured the filesystem on my laptop so I can share my data with a second Linux. The Linux used in this matter is Fedora 28, 64-bit.

My disks are now laid out like so:


  • /dev/sda1 - efi partition
  • /dev/sda2 - swap
  • /dev/sda3 - data partition mounted via /etc/fstab at /media/data_partition


  • /dev/sdb1 - root partition mounted at /
  • /dev/sdb2 - var partition mounted at /var
  • /dev/sdb3 - home partition mounted at /home

The data partition now contains the contents of /opt, everything under $HOME/Documents and some miscellaneous stuff. They are on the partition with the some directory names (i.e. opt/, Documents/)

At boot, after the partition is mounted, I have a bindfs mount that mounts /media/data_partition/opt to /opt, and on login in my $HOME/.bash_profile, I bindfs mount /media/data_partition/Documents to $HOME/Documents.

When I boot up IntelliJ IDEA, it shows the following:

enter image description here

Currently I have open a project "located" at $HOME/Documents/University/Class/project_repo3. $HOME/Documents is the destination for a bind mount from /media/data_partition/Documents.

Also, IntelliJ IDEA's installation is located in /media/data_partition/opt. This location is the source for a bind mount to /opt

The mount seems to be IntelliJ's problem, but I have no idea what the actual issue is, nor which bind mount is the problem. I found these links:

The last link explains their new usage of inotify and would seem to explain the problem and the solution, but I'm not 100%. I don't wanna change anything, and regret it later.

The questions:

  • Is the solution proposed in the last link safe and correct?
  • What is inotify (I read part of the manpage, but would appreciate additional explanation)?
  • What are inotify watchers, and inotify instances?

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What the popup warns of has never happened. I attempted to increase of fs.inotify.max_user_watches, but that did not get ride of the popup. In my case, it effectively means nothing.

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