I am using grep within a script to obtain a list of filenames of the files that contain a certain string. The basic instruction would be this one within a do loop:

if grep -q "$str" Inputs/inp$n; then
    echo inp$n >> file_list.txt  

And something like this to get the lines themselves for verification purposes:

grep "$str" Files/inp$n >> lines.txt

What I would like to do is prevent some false positives from showing up in the output when looking for certain strings. I would like to get the lines containing "abc#", where "#" is a number (multiple digits possible), but I do not want the specific word "abcde" from appearing when I am searching for the string "abc". Note that "abc#" and "abcde" are not present in the same line within these files.

Is there any way to tell grep to ignore the lines that contain "abcde" among those containing "abc"?

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    Try grep 'abc[0-9]' "Inputs/inp$n"
    – John1024
    Apr 2, 2019 at 17:49
  • That works fine, thanks. I actually used "$str[0-9]" as the searched string.
    – ZZR
    Apr 2, 2019 at 21:35

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$ grep -l 'abc[0-9]' Inputs/inp*

The -l switch will list files which have a match. Giving a glob of files to search rather than iterating will likely be faster than iterating over a shell for loop.

  • That works, it just provides the whole path of the file. I basically adapted my solution based on your feedback to search for "$str[0-9]" and it works as intended. Thanks. Running it for all inp* would be a good option in most cases. I actually get the numbers for the inp$n files to search from a list in another file.
    – ZZR
    Apr 2, 2019 at 21:34

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