I work for buildroot. My purpose work GUI on my buildroot with Gtk3.0 and Gstreamer1.0. I use Olinuxino A13 so I wrote GUI code(Gtk3.0 hello world example) on this with codeblocks. I use Debian wheezy. I want transfer this code from Debian wheezy to buildroot. I tried this:

  1. I transferred /path_to_proectfile/bin/Debug/my_program.my_program created by codeblocks. I wrote ./my_program on terminal and code work. I transferred this file to my buildroot but ./my_program does not work. It returns No such file or directory error.

  2. I thought the problem might be compiling and tried compiled on terminal. I use gcc -o my_program main.c 'pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-3.0' again work on Debian wheezy terminal. After I transferred to buildroot but result does not change. I tried different compile kind like cc,arm-linux-gnueabi-gccetc. but every time No such file or directory error.

Finally when I don't use gtk library(Just use printf Hello World), I saw Hello world. When I add gtk library returns No such file or directory error. Have you any suggestion?

  • Welcome to UNIX & Linux StackExchange. I am not much of a programmer, so unfortunately I can't help you with your issue. However, there could be others here who can. If you do not get a response here after some time, I suggest you consider posting on the StackOverflow.com Stack Exchange site as well? That community is dedicated to software professionals who may be better suited to assist you. Good luck! – 0xSheepdog Apr 2 '19 at 15:10

If you want your program to work on a Buildroot system, it has to be compiled with the cross-compiler provided by Buildroot. See slide 264 and following in https://bootlin.com/doc/training/buildroot/buildroot-slides.pdf (i.e the "Application Development" section).

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