I want to set my log file name into crontab with date - day, not current_date.

I've already success for current date like this:

00 02 * * * bash run_myscript.sh > /logs_myscript_`date "+\%Y\%m\%d"`.log 2>&1

If current date is Feb 19, my log will be logs_myscript_20190219.log but cannot work if I set - 3 day on the crontab:

Actually, I want my log file like this: logs_myscript_20190216.log

00 02 * * * bash run_myscript.sh > /logs_myscript_`date - 3 day "+\%Y\%m\%d"`.log 2>&1

You need to specify the date with -d:

date  -d "- 3 day"  "format"
You don't need the spaces; you can say date -d"-3day" ….

The fact that it's in a crontab command shouldn't make any difference.

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