I am a novice to linux and i've installed Linux mint 18. Currently i have 2 screens that both have a taskbar, each having the same 4 application shortcuts. I want application windows that started/opened from the taskbar of screen 1 to appear only in screen 1 and any windows started/openend by clicking on of the 4 shortcuts of taskbar 2 to appear only in screen 2.

For this to happen i have selected 'Show only tasks from the current screen' in the task manager settings (section General > Filters)

However, This has not the desired effect and produces some strange behaviour. For example, both taskbars contain a shortcut to Chrome webbrowser. When i click the shortcut in the second screen a task showing a loading chrome icon shortly appears in the second taskbar but the actual window opens in the first screen! After the chrome window appeared succesfully the chrome representing task in the second taskbar disappears.

My question is: How do i let applications opened in screen 1 appear in the taskbar of screen 1 and applications opened via the taskbar of screen 2 appear in screen 2?

Thank you

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