I am using Clonezilla in a non-profit organization. I wrote a usage guideline, but it needs 38 steps.

Now I wonder whether I could customize my Clonezilla USB Stick so that it does not provide all the options.

E.g. I could get rid of

  • the language selection. It's totally fine if it's always English
  • the keymap choice. It should just select "keep the default" ("don't touch the keymap" on older versions)
  • the operation mode choice. We always want "device-image".
  • the storage selection. We always need "local_dev".

What would I need to do to configure Clonezilla to get rid of these choices?


Clonezilla calls that 'preseeding' as described in that web link. As you pick options, Clonezilla shows the preseed commands in green-on-black as shown here.

For example, the preseeding command should include a language selection command locales=en_US.UTF-8 and a specification for no special keyboard layout with keyboard-layouts=NONE in syslinux.cfg or isolinux.cfg as appropriate.

  • Definitely the term I was looking for. I'll look into that and accept when I successfully applied an option. This may take two days. – Thomas Weller Apr 2 '19 at 7:09

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