I need to sync a specific local folder (and subfolders) on an Ubuntu machine with a specific remote folder on Google Drive. I've found a few programs that let me select a specific local folder but all of the programs I've tried so far don't let me specify a remote folder (they always sync with the root folder).

I'd like something that will monitor both local and remote files and respond to changes by syncing automatically.

Can anyone suggest a program?

  • I haven't used it but rclone says you can do things like rclone sync /local/path remote:path – meuh Mar 31 at 13:43
  • Thanks for the suggestion; I tried it. But I'm looking for something that will run in the background and sync changes as they happen. Yes; I know that I could make a cronjob - and I'll do that if I can't find another solution - but I'd like something that's as responsive as possible without having to make a very frequent job. – HardlyNoticeable Apr 18 at 20:08

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