I wanted to ask you if there is any solution for connecting my terminal with website. I mean... I want to see the output on the website. I tried to find some solutions on the internet and found xterm.js but I just want to make it simple. I want to run the command in my terminal and to see the output on the website as well. :) It doesn't need to look modern or something like that. Lust a page with text which is actual output from my terminal.

Is there any simple solution for this problem?

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  • Maybe you are looking for something like ttyd or gotty? I found them after a short googling :) – Jussi Hietanen Mar 30 at 11:35
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    Depends on how your website is built. I have done this with PHP, by setting a variable like: $variable = exec("/path/to/your/script/that/generates/output.sh". – DisplayName Mar 30 at 12:18
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    xterm can create screenshots in SVG or HTML format. For other terminals, there are programs (such as gimp) which can create a ".png" file that you could put on your website. – Thomas Dickey Mar 30 at 14:03