I would like to convert a PDF of X pages into X images with Inkscape command line.

I know how to do it with convert :

convert myfile.pdf -density 300 -alpha off export/myfile-%02d

The result will be :

├── export
│   │   ├── myfile-0.png
│   │   ├── myfile-1.png
│   │   ├── ...
│   │   └── myfile-X.png

How to do it with inkscape command line ? Is it possible ?

I tried the following command line :

inkscape myfile.pdf -z \
  -y 1.0 \
  --export-dpi=300 \
  --export-area-drawing \

-z disable GUI

-y 1.0 disable transprency

--export-dpi 300 set dpi to 300

--export-png "export/myfile-%02" tells to export the PDF with this filename

This command actually outputs only one image, the first page, called myfile-%02

  • @Alrick, have you seen inkscape.org/doc/inkscape-man.html ? What have you tried using the commands listed there? Please click edit and add to your question (so all may see) what you tried, and what the result was. Please do not answer by generating a Commant as Comments can get hidden when they pile up. – K7AAY Mar 29 at 15:46

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