Which concept does ssh "proxy jump" belong to: proxy, port forwarding or something else?

By ssh "proxy jump", I mean either

ssh -J user@vmhost user@vmguest

or in ~/.ssh/config:

Host vmhost
    User t

Host vm
    User t
    ProxyJump vmhost

and they are the same (if I am correct).



It is definitely not port forwarding, because there are specific flags for those options. Look at the -D and -L options in the man for an explanation and specific details.

I believe the answer is something else.

Also from the man:

If command is specified, it is executed on the remote host instead of a login shell.

So to break down your first example:

     ssh -J user@vmhost user@vmguest
            ^^              ^^
       (user@)hostname   [command to execute]

Basically and in plain English you are executing SSH locally, indicating you want to connect to vmhost as user, and that you want to execute the command ssh user@vmguest after you have connected.

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