I have one drive with dual boot. I split it evenly between Windows and Linux Mint, but right now almost never use Windows. I want to keep Windows for gaming/Office, but move some of its disk space from Windows C: drive to Linux /home. Can I do that safely? Is it possible it's as easy as explained here? Does gparted take care of moving things around on Windows drive so that no data is lost?

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    See also superuser.com/q/821131/992527. As mentioned on the page linked in the question it is always good to create a backup because something might go wrong, e.g. a power loss or a program bug. – Bodo Mar 29 at 9:58
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    Already done, thank you :) – sloneorzeszki Mar 29 at 10:08

I've done this several times on several laptops already, never had any issues. And it is as easy as explained there.

But remember to:

  1. Defragment Windows drive,
  2. Leave some space free for both systems
  3. Do not "move around" partitions. If your Linux partition precedes windows → space will be freed after windows partition → you can allocate new ext4 partition and add mounting point of your prefference *

** you can move around swap partition as far as I know

  • That's great, thank you. – sloneorzeszki Mar 29 at 12:42
  • Defragmentation should be skipped if the drive is SSD. If you have an HDD, I would also consider fixing the size of the Windows swapfile to 2X installed RAM and rebooting before defragmentation, to reduce future fragmentation. I would also turn off Windows Hibernation ability a la cnet.com/how-to/… , Otherwise Michal's suggestion is excellent. – K7AAY Mar 29 at 16:00

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