I have a RHEL6 server running on a vmware-esxi host but no access to the host or vCenter.

I need to determine if the hosting provider is using power saving features one such way is to check if CPU Clockspeed varies.

How best to check this other than watching lscpu or cpuinfo?

Would this be logged in the messages file or elsewhere if it changed suddenly, if so how would the error appear so I could easily grep for it.


  • Possible duplicate of What is the correct way to view your CPU speed on Linux? – user34720 Mar 28 at 16:39
  • That shows how to see it currently, I want to know if an error is logged with a timestamp if it suddenly changes. I could just watch lscpu and echo it out to a file but don't want to recreate functionality that might already exist. – Koffee Mar 28 at 17:07
  • You can monitor frequency setting with cpupower frequency-info, although I don't think cpu frequency itself is stored in any log. – jimmij Mar 29 at 9:16

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