I heard that in a routing table, we can drop packets. Does that work like a per-IP-address firewall to prevent access to certain range of IP addresses from the local device?

In comparison, does iptables work as a per-port firewall to prevent access to certain port from the local device?


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    Do you have a reference for the “I heard that ...” part? Regarding iptables, have you considered the usefulness or otherwise of the -s and -d parameters? – Stephen Kitt Mar 28 at 13:57
  • How does a per-IP-address firewall work? How does a per-port firewall work? I do not believe it is possible to block local system connections to local ports using iptables. I can't think of a use case where it would be necessary to actively block/drop/deny access from a local process to a local port. It sounds like you are discussing using network level activities to try and restrict system process functions. That dog won't hunt. – 0xSheepdog Mar 28 at 14:33
  • @StephenKitt Yes, I have. See my update. – Tim Mar 28 at 15:11
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    @Tim so why would iptables support specifying source and/or destination addresses if it’s a per-port firewall (whatever that means)? – Stephen Kitt Mar 28 at 15:31
  • Does a "per-port firewall" mean anything? What? – mosvy Mar 28 at 19:24

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