I have the following content in a file.

$ cat file.txt

I would like to change the "path" on the 6th field to "test-path".


I tried with following, but it didn't work.

$ awk -F, -v needle='path' -v replacement='test-path' 'BEGIN{ OFS = FS; } (NR > 1 && $6 == needle) { $6 = replacement; } 1' file.txt
  • @Prvt_Yadv Thanks for pointing out, I will add the filename. – smc Mar 28 at 12:07
  • @Prvt_Yadv because there is an occurrence of the same string in 1st column, and I don't want to change that. I just want to change the 6th column content. – smc Mar 28 at 12:09
  • Or you can assign full path instead of partial to variable. – Prvt_Yadv Mar 28 at 12:09
  • @steeldriver I thought the same, I was not sure which one would do the regex part, thanks for pointing out ~, I will try the same. – smc Mar 28 at 12:10
  • @steeldriver Unfortunately ~ didn't work. It is clear that I have to use regex to replace the part of the string in a column, but not sure about the exact way. – smc Mar 28 at 12:18

Try this,

awk -F ',' -v OFS=',' '{gsub("path","test-path",$6)}1' file.txt


To substitute path with test-path only in 6th field


Tried with below command

$ sed "s/\/path/\/test-path/" filename
  • The risk here is that the sed command you've used would replace any and all "/path" strings to "/test-path" -- and not just the ones in field 6, as required. – Jeff Schaller Mar 31 at 14:35

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