I need to do SSH to a remote server by expanding servername and user from the variables. I tried several ways but couldn't get thru the script.

  1. hardcoded servername and user which was working as expected. ssh imp_user\@servername1 Note: '@' is required

  2. Passing variables to ssh for servername and user as below $user_name ='imp_user' $server_name ='servername1' "ssh '$server_name".'@'."$server' " -- but no luck

  3. $user_name ='imp_user' $server_name ='@servername1' ssh $user_name\\$server_name -- no luck

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    If you want an answer, you should be more specific than "no luck". Are you trying to use a shell, or a language like perl or php? It seems like a mix of those. – RalfFriedl Mar 28 at 6:17
  • If that's supposed to be shell script your syntax is way off. Look at shellcheck.net for some assistance with the basics. – roaima Mar 28 at 8:12
  • If it is shell script, you will have been given error messages (or some other output) when you tried these various attempts. What were these messages, and what did you do about it? – roaima Mar 28 at 8:13

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