I've seen that it's possible for X11-based desktops to move the cursor/pointer around using keys with stuff like xdotool or keynav.

While these look quite convenient, I've been trying to do the same using non-X11 methods. Here's what I've tried in e22:

  • No action relating to mouse movement in the Key Bindings section of the settings panel.
  • No way to bind mouse movement to keypad (or any other keys for that matter) in the Mouse section of the settings panel just like Gnome users could do.
  • and I haven't found the mouse structs in the few e_bindings files that I've inspected.

Is it possible to move the cursor using only e configuration?

If not, what possibilities do I have that don't involve X11?

Void Linux, 4.19.28
Enlightenment 0.22.4

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