I have a text file fileslist containing a list of names of files, or rather relative paths to those files and their names from a certain parent directory. There is only one file per line in fileslist. From that parent directory I want to run a command on every single file one by one. This command should search the entire every single one of those files for a pattern, and replace it with another pattern. Each of these text files may or may not contain the pattern College Documents. I want to replace it with College_Documents. How can I do that?


After some researching, I found that this command works well for my purposes.

cat fileslist | while read in; do sed -i 's/College Documents/College_Documents/g' $in; done

I'd recommend xargs for this:

xargs sed -i 's/College Documents/College_Documents/g' < filelist

This tells xargs to read its input from filelist (where it would normally read from stdin; we're giving it the contents of the file, instead). It fills up sed's parameter list with as many files as will fit, executing for example:

sed -i 's/College Documents/College_Documents/g' file1 file2 file3 ...
sed -i 's/College Documents/College_Documents/g' filen filem fileo ...

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