In Bash and other shells in emacs mode, there are these awesome kill/yank shortcuts (see man readline), for example:

  • Ctrl+k: "kill-line": this deletes (and save into a cut buffer) all the current line before the cursor.
  • Ctrl+y: "yank" will paste under the cursor the last deleted content.
  • Alt+y: "yank-pop" will cycle through previous deleted content.

However I am in a situation where I want to:

  1. hit Ctrl+k,
  2. do stuff (type other commands),
  3. and then paste back the original line, but only if there was any content!

In the current settings, hitting Ctrl+k on an empty line leaves the cut buffer unchanged, so hitting Ctrl+y does not *restore* the original line.

I can't find how to clear this kill ring, is it doable (apart from switching to zsh...)?

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