Connect to my private WPA2 Wifi with connman works like a charm (followed this instructions). But when I try to connect to ieee8021x Network, i always get this error:

Error /net/connman/service/wifi_801f024ae577_556e6974796d65646961205769666953706f74_managed_ieee8021x: Invalid arguments

I suppose something is wrong with my config file placed in /var/lib/connman :

Name = UnityMedia

Type = wifi
SSID = 556e6974796d65646961205769666953706f74
EAP = peap
Phase2 = MSCHAPV2

This is how i try to connect:

connmanctl> agent on
Agent registered
connmanctl> scan wifi
connmanctl> services
*AO Wired                ethernet_b827eb8920a9_cable
*AR ¯\_(ツ)_/¯        wifi_801f024ae577_c2af5c5f28e38384295f2fc2af_managed_psk
    furb                 wifi_801f024ae577_66757262_managed_psk
    Unitymedia WifiSpot  wifi_801f024ae577_556e6974796d65646961205769666953706f74_managed_ieee8021x
    :o)                  wifi_801f024ae577_3a6f29_managed_psk
    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ        wifi_801f024ae577_ca95e280a2e1b4a5e280a2ca94_managed_psk
    DIRECT-eE-Sonja's Fire TV wifi_801f024ae577_4449524543542d65452d536f6e6a6127732046697265205456_managed_psk
    DIRECT-B9-HP ENVY 4520 series wifi_801f024ae577_4449524543542d42392d485020454e5659203435323020736572696573_managed_psk
    SoHigh-WG            wifi_801f024ae577_536f486967682d5747_managed_psk
    o2-WLAN42            wifi_801f024ae577_6f322d574c414e3432_managed_psk
    UPC1989729           wifi_801f024ae577_55504331393839373239_managed_psk
    wildline             wifi_801f024ae577_77696c646c696e65_managed_psk
    Internet             wifi_801f024ae577_496e7465726e6574_managed_psk
    UPC317EB59           wifi_801f024ae577_55504333313745423539_managed_psk
    HP-Print-BE-Officejet Pro 8610 wifi_801f024ae577_48502d5072696e742d42452d4f66666963656a65742050726f2038363130_managed_none
    UPC1BD68AB           wifi_801f024ae577_55504331424436384142_managed_psk
Scan completed for wifi
connmanctl> connect wifi_801f024ae577_556e6974796d65646961205769666953706f74_managed_ieee8021x
Error /net/connman/service/wifi_801f024ae577_556e6974796d65646961205769666953706f74_managed_ieee8021x: Invalid arguments

Connections via this wpa_supplicant.conf works:

network={ ssid=”Unitymedia WifiSpot” key_mgmt=WPA-EAP eap=PEAP identity=”unitymedia/myUsername” password=”myPassword” }

Hope someone have an idea what i´m doing wrong?


Have you tried the instructions from Intel connman page? (Since this page got deleted, i had to get an old version from the Wayback Machine)

cat > /var/lib/connman/<pick_a_name>.config <<EOF
Name = <SSID>
Description = <fill in something descriptive>

Type = wifi
Name = <SSID - like above>
EAP = peap
Phase2 = MSCHAPV2
Identity = <login>
Passphrase = <password>

After that, it is just a matter of running connmanctl connect <IEEE802.1x service> whereas the service name can be found by calling:

connmanctl enable wifi
connmanctl scan wifi
connmanctl services

Quoting the Intel page again, If it doesn't work on the first attempt try again. (It just took me 2 attempts to successfully log onto an IEEE 802.1x hotspot with Edison).

  • many thanks! I changed the config like you mentioned in your answer and no it works! – mty Mar 29 at 10:50

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