alias s2st="ps -A | grep -E "a|b"" works for bash.

Then I tried to convert it for csh:

set-alias t2st 'ps -A \| grep -E "a\|b"'

But csh does quoting so different, I couldn't coupe with...

How does it need to be, to be correct and working?


In bash, that should be:

alias s2st='ps -A | grep -E "a|b"'

(alias s2st="ps -A | grep -E "a|b"" would not work in bash, as the second " would close the first " so the second | would not be quoted).

In csh

alias s2st 'ps -A | grep -E "a|b"'

Strong quotes in both bash and csh are '...'. They are less strong in csh though where ! and newline (and backslash when preceding those) are still special.

In TCL, strong quotes are {...} with the added benefit that { and } can occur within them as long as they are matched.

  • Thanks! Ok, then my problem isn't csh, but tcl, which I expected to use the same syntax. How should it look like for tcl? – jwk Mar 27 at 12:42
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    @jwk Your question does not mention tcl. Could you maybe update the question? – Kusalananda Mar 27 at 12:47

Thanks to Stéphane Chazelas, I found my problem:

My alias is stored in a tcl script, so I need the correct tcl syntax, which is:

set-alias s2st {ps -A | grep -E "a|b"}
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    For clarity, the question and answer would benefit from showing a bit more context around how you use the shell and tcl. At the moment, the tcl bit seems to be quite important even though it's barely mentioned in the question. – Kusalananda Mar 27 at 15:12

In Tcl I'd write

proc psgrep {pattern} {
    return [join [lsearch -regexp -inline -all [split [exec ps -A] \n] $pattern] \n]

set output [psgrep {a|b}]
  • But I don't think this is really what you're asking. – glenn jackman Mar 27 at 15:26

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