I have an embedded Linux system (F&S PicoComA5) that has shipped with a pre-configured Linux Kernel + buildroot system.

By default, only one SPI device is pre-configured, appearing in the system as /dev/spi0.0

Now on my board, I have a second SPI devices, so I need to select another 'CS' line, and it should appear as /dev/spi0.1

Where in the kernel or buildroot do I configure these parameters to make this second SPI device appear?

EDIT: in arch/arm/arm-mvf/arch-picocom.c, the board-specific init code, the SPI devices are initialized, I hope to find the way to make it work there!

  • According to the product info page, the board only has 1 SPI device. fs-net.de/de/produkte/picocom/picocoma5 – gerhard d. Mar 27 at 11:50
  • By default yes, but by using a GPIO pin as a second chip select, I feel confident an additional SPI device could be used. – Juha Mar 29 at 9:34

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