I've found a lot of inconsistent documentation on single user mode. I don't need to use it often, but I get curious, and I remember not being to use shut down commands in single user mode and pressing the reset button. Is there a better way to leave single user mode after resetting passwords?

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    Single mode is not a well-defined concept, you should tell people which init and sevice management system you're using. Usually for systemd systems, systemctl poweroff still works fine. – 炸鱼薯条德里克 Mar 27 at 4:06
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    If all else fails, you can try the old init 0. – Panki Mar 27 at 7:33
  • Ok that explains my confusion. I've booted into it on a few differant machines with differant distros and even an old mac. I didn't intend this to be specific question. I think I had an error when I tried systemctl poweroff, but maybe that was on the macpro.. – volare Mar 28 at 13:38

What do you have running in single user mode? Are databases running etc. etc. If you are worried then I would run



shutdown -i 0  (though depends on what flavor you are using) 
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    This is mostly an idle curiousty. The only reason I know about single user mode is because I had to reset a password on an ~2003 macpro that somebody donated. – volare Mar 28 at 13:12

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