I am currently working on a project involving some Sierra Wireless LTE modems which expose a QMI interface. I am using qmicli 1.16.2 on Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS.

In order to get the modem to connect to the correct APN, I use qmicli -d <device> --nas-get-home-network, which returns the base network provider (who owns the actual network infrastucture). However if the SIM is from an MVNO like Lebara or Lycamobile, it still returns the base provider's operator string as opposed to the MVNO's operator string.

Additionally, using the --nas-get-serving-system parameter returns the same operator string or a shortened version of it.

Since I need to know the MVNO's operator string in order to select the correct APN, username and password, how would I do this? I can't find any parameter which would make the distinction between the MNO and the MVNO operator strings.

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