Is it a problem when the system believes a device to be rotational, but it is SSD really? The system is:

Is this configured correctly? Should I worry once there's data, and Elasticsearch running on /dev/vda (or /dev/vdb)?

Background: I'm installing elsasticsearch and was checking if the SSD scheduler is correct, but as the system doesn't see the disks as SSD, it comes back with

cat /sys/block/vda/queue/scheduler [none]

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    Depending on the services that require to use that disk there can be some impact. I'm familiar with this in ceph context on HP servers, where the OSD metadata depends on the correct configuration. We use a custom udev rule with a small script that sets the rotational flag correctly. If you encounter any issues in the present configuration I would suggest to do so, too. – eblock Mar 25 at 12:39
  • Use virtio-scsi, not virtio-blk. – Michael Hampton Mar 25 at 14:13

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