Is there an alternative for ntpq -c as, while using chronyd as client?

While using ntpd as client, ntpq -c as provides details about authentication of client to server using keys.

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Finally found the answer after little experimenting. chronyc ntpdata will provide if the client authenticated to server. Not as verbose as ntpq -c as, but works.

One could use this command:

chronyc ntpdata | awk '/^Remote address/ || /^Authenticated/ { print; if (/^A/) print "" }'

The output might look like this:

Remote address  : (5E8231BA)
Authenticated   : No

Remote address  : (A29FC87B)
Authenticated   : No

Remote address  : (83EADCE7)
Authenticated   : No

The command line interface to the chronyd daemon is chronyc.

To see information about the system's clock performance:

chronyc tracking

To see the time sources being used:

chrony sourcestats
  • I know. But in chronyc, I cannot seem to find the same functionality as "ntpq -c as", which tells me if my client is able to authenticate to the server using keys. Mar 25, 2019 at 13:49

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