I use this command

awk 'NR%2{t=$1;next}{print $1-t,$2}'

to get the distance between two consecutive Y points in a file. But I would like to have all positive numbers. How to get that ? like something as modulus.

1577 -46.1492
1577.57 47
1578 -47.6528
1578.87 49
1579 -49.2106
1580 -50.7742
1580.15 51

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    It is unclear (as you can see from the answers) whether the data that you present is input to your existing awk script or output from it. – Kusalananda Mar 25 at 9:47
Command: awk '$2 !~ /^-/{print $0}' file


1577.57 47
1578.87 49
1580.15 51

You can replace this:

{print $1-t,$2}

with this:

{if ($2>=0) print $1-t,$2}


$2 >= 0 { print $1 - t, $2 }

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