Suppose I want to edit a new libvirt XML file:

virsh dumpxml machine1 > machine2.xml

Then I open the file with vim,

vim machine2.xml

and then I want to change the UUID. Now do this, I use

:r ! uuidgen

But the new UUID is inserted under the current line:


How may I insert the output of the uuidgen command into the current line, so that if I have


(with the cursor between ><), then, by executing uuidgen I get


The question is: is possible to use the :r vim command without adding a new line?

  • I reformulated the question. If you feel that I misrepresented you, then feel free to roll back the edit. – Kusalananda Mar 25 at 6:49

I had a play around and this doesn't do exactly as you want as :r will always enter a newline. But it should do what you want for a result.

:.!UUID=`uuidgen` ; echo "<uuid>$UUID</uuid>"

It puts the stdout on the current line (not at the cursor) - the smarts are done with the command that is being invoked.

  • It create also a newline, is a nice workaround, so for the moment I consider as right answer – elbarna Mar 25 at 22:47

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