I'm trying to scp through a virtual machine but when the guest terminal asks for my host user password it simply does not accept my real user password. Is the machine asking for another entry?

The user is not root and I know it's password in the host machine it looks like this:

user@host's password:
Permission denied, please try again:
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Apart from above mentioned points

You need to consisder another 2 files in remote server which you are connecting

i.e is /etc/hosts.allow,/etc/hosts.deny

You need to check whether ssh connection is allowed or not from server which you are connecting



daemon can be vsftpd,sshd 

if you want to allow only for particular network means put below entry in /etc/hosts.allow

sshd:192.168.159.*  (Means ssh connection is allowed for network 192.168.159.*)

if you want to restrict for particular network means put below entry in /etc/hosts.deny

sshd:192.168.139.*(Means ssh connection is not allowed for network 192.168.139.*)

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