Given I don't like i.e. a favicon and want my system to have i.e. https://kai.dj/favicon.ico pointing to https://git.kai.dj/favicon.ico instead. Of cource I wouldn't like to reroute the whole domain (via /etc/hosts etc.).

Changing favicon is just an example – browser plugins may be a solution for the example usecase, but don't answer the general question.

How can I implement a system wide rule to reroute a URL pointing to a single file for that file only?

  • If you vote down – why not leave a comment on how my question isn't good enough ^^ – kai-dj Mar 24 at 13:10
  • 1
    Not downvoting, but why not just copy the 14KB file? – Fabby Mar 24 at 16:04
  • That would not help me, if I want my system to "see" file no.2 when I try to access URL of file 1. – kai-dj Mar 25 at 12:19
  • One example usecase for me would be redirecting all requests for githubs favicon to another favicon (because the original has bad contrast in my bookmarksbar). But that is just one example (wich might be doable with bowser plugins – in general I'd like to be able to define were a URL is pointing… – kai-dj Mar 25 at 12:22

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