I want to compile mosquitto-auth-plugin, which requires configuration of config.mk file, where one of the required parameter is to Specify the path to the Mosquitto sources MOSQUITTO_SRC =.Could you please advice which directory i have to indicate if mosquitto was installed using advanced package tool (apt)?


I was stuck in the same issue a while ago but got the solution. You may have installed mosquitto by sudo apt-get install mosquitto so the mosquitto libraries were not installed by default.

You need to install libmosquitto by sudo apt-get install libmosquitto-dev and then include the path as /usr/include in the config.mk (in MOSQUITTO_SRC=) file of auth-plugin as 'mosquitto.h' file is there.

In the end go to the auth-plugin directory and then first run make clean and finally make to compile the plugin.

  • Didn't check this for mosquitto, but usually the -dev package has the header files (and other stuff necessary for compiling), while the libraries are installed as part of the other packages. At least this is the case for all Debian packages I've used so far. – dirkt Mar 25 at 12:12

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