• I have a text file with stuff in it
  • I want to checksum it and create a hash for later use to know if the file has changed, when used anywhere else
  • which to use? sha256sum myfile or sha256hmac myfile

sha256mac is to be used with a key.

sha512hmac - compute and check HMAC values

sha512hmac [-u | -k keyfile | -K key] file

-k filename:

Use the contents of the specified file as the secret key used in computing the HMAC values. If no key file or text is specified, a hard-coded default value is used. This option should always be used.

so I can simply do sha256sum myfile.txt but it will (a) give a different hash than sha256sum, but more importantly (b) on a given system without providing a key via the -K option it will use some hard-coded value from somewhere that is unique and very not likely to be the same on any other system. Thus if I do sha256hmac myfile.txt without specifying a key, then the output will be different on different computers; so I think the only reason to use this without a key is if you want to try and guarantee something can only work or be verified on the computer the hmac hash was generated on {I'm assuming one cannot easily find or get this hard-coded key}.

Simply using sha256sum myfile.txt will and should produce the same hash on any computer system for a given file, where it is expected whatever myfile.txt is will be able to be verified on any other computer system.

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