I have following lines in rsnapshot.conf

snapshot_root   /mnt/T4Backup2T/Incremental-Backup
rsync_long_args --numeric-ids
exclude_file    /home/CD/CLPB/backup-files/rsnapshot/saraswathi.exclude
backup  /   localhost/fedora/   +rsync_long_args=--exclude /home --exclude /mnt --relative --delete --delete-excluded /

it is wrongly producing following lines (--filter option is not specified but still coming up)

/usr/bin/rsync -a --numeric-ids \
    --exclude-from=/home/CD/CLPB/backup-files/rsnapshot/saraswathi.exclude \
    --exclude /home --exclude /mnt --relative --delete --delete-excluded / \
    --filter=-/_/mnt/T4Backup2T/Incremental-Backup / \

There is no filter option in rsnapshot.conf but still it is getting produced, what could be misconfiguration?

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This happens to avoid snapshot_root getting sync again. As explained in the rsnapshot-program.pl

If this backup point contains the snapshot root, add an exclude to avoid backing up the snapshot root recursively. The exclude is anchored (by virtue of the leading slash of $config_vars{'snapshot_root'}) and applies to absolute paths (the "/" modifier), so it should match the snapshot root and nothing else regardless of --relative.


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