I have a PC with a serial interface and I would like to run GNU/Linux on it using a serial console (this would spare me attaching a screen and a keyboard to it since I would like to use it as a server).

I have been running tests with Devuan (sysvinit) and Artix (openrc) and got the following to work:

  • GRUB uses the serial console and I can select the boot option from there.
  • In both distributions, the kernel output goes to the serial console.
  • In Devuan I have a terminal on the serial console: I have added the entry T0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 115200 vt220 to /etc/inittab.


  • I have no serial terminal on Artix / openrc. All the documentation I have found on openrc says that I should edit /etc/inittab, but there is no inittab on my system and, AFAIK, inittab is ignored by the latest versions of openrc. So, question 1: How can I activate a serial terminal with openrc, possibly with the above parameters (115200 vt220)?
  • On both systems, the init system does not use the serial console. I need this because I must to enter the passphrase for an attached encrypted disk. So, question 2: How do I enable the serial console for sysvinit and openrc during boot?

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