I'm trying to install my own syslog-startup.conf file as a part of the busybox recipe. The file will look like this:

DESTINATION=file      # log destinations (buffer file remote)
LOGFILE=/mnt/userrw/sd/logs   # where to log (file)
REMOTE=loghost:514      # where to log (syslog remote)
REDUCE=no           # reduce-size logging
DROPDUPLICATES=no       # whether to drop duplicate log entries
ROTATESIZE=2000           # rotate log if grown beyond X [kByte]
ROTATEGENS=2           # keep X generations of rotated logs
BUFFERSIZE=2000         # size of circular buffer [kByte]
FOREGROUND=no           # run in foreground (don't use!)
#LOGLEVEL=7         # local log level (between 1 and 8)

I'm using busybox_%.bbappend with the following:

SRC_URI += "\
    file://syslog-startup.conf \
    file://syslogd_buf_file.patch \

do_install_append() {
    install -m 0644 ${WORKDIR}/syslog-startup.conf ${D}${sysconfdir}/syslog-startup.conf

FILE_${PN} += "\
    ${sysconfdir}/syslog-startup.conf \

I'm finding though that the content of this config file after I install the image on my board is unchanged i.e. it will have syslog-startup.conf retain the old content that it has before installing a new image. Either my file in getting overwritten at a certain point or it is just being ignored.

Any ideas? Would this be related to where/when the busybox recipe is being called? Note that the patch file gets executed and installed as intended but not the syslog-startup.conf

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