My VBox CentOS 7 image with some custom software has a problem that it shuts down too long. I'd like to find the culprit by running shell commands from the console, but all shells are being killed.

I tried to protect the bash process with the "at"-sign (@) and ignore HUP, but it's apparently not enough.

# cat /tmp/dontkillme.rc
if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
        . ~/.bashrc
trap '' HUP

# TERM=linux setsid bash -c 'exec -a "@dontkillme" /bin/bash --rcfile /tmp/dontkillme.rc -i <>/dev/tty8 >&0 2>&1'

# poweroff

This enables bash on tty8 for some time, but in the end it's being killed too, but the image stays powered on

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