I'm trying to the use the following awk command to return a user from a file that lists all users on the system but only if the 8th field is empty and they match the user variable (it's being using in a loop):

awk -F':' -v user="$user" 'index($0, user) {if ($8=="") print $1}' file

My issue currently is that it returns users that contain the string and aren't exact matches. Any way around this?

  • Even if you answered the question yourself it would be good to show some sample input and a corresponding username that can be used to reproduce your problem. – Bodo Mar 22 at 12:22

above answers are correct...However we can extract the details using the below command.

awk -F ',' '{if ( $9 == "" && $1 =="$user") print $1}' file


Solved it.

I ended up using:

awk -F':' -v user="$user" '$1 == user {if ($8 == "") print $1}' file

I'm a silly boy lol

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    Alternatively, awk ... '$1 == user && $8 == "" { print $1 }' – Kusalananda Mar 22 at 11:56
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    It's best to avoid -v and use environment variables instead (and ENVIRON["VARNAME"] in awk) as -v mangles values that contains backslashes. For instance, with user='r\157ot', that would return the entry for root as -v would expand that \157 to o – Stéphane Chazelas Mar 22 at 18:37

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