I have a directory called Dual_Loop_PLL. Inside that I have 2 subdirectories: agent and test. Inside agent I have a directory called dl_pll_agent, and inside dl_pll_agent I have dl_pll_agent2. I want to rename dl_pll_agent and dl_pll_agent2 to dual_loop_pll_agent and dual_loop_pll_agent2 respectively.

I have used following command.

echo -e "Enter directory name you want to replace : "
read d1
echo "Enter directory name with which you want to replace : "
read d2
find  -type d -exec rename $d1 $d2 * {} +

but I am getting following error

rename: renaming ./Dual_Loop_PLL/agents/dl_pll_agent/dl_pll_agent2 to ./Dual_Loop_PLL/agents/dual_loop_pll_agent/dl_pll_agent2 failed: No such file or directory
  • What rename are you using: in man rename who is the author? What is the usage line of rename --help? (show by editing question) – ctrl-alt-delor Mar 22 at 9:32
  • agents or agent? – ctrl-alt-delor Mar 22 at 9:33
  • What is the output of ls -l ./Dual_Loop_PLL/agents ./Dual_Loop_PLL/agents/dual_loop_pll_agent – ctrl-alt-delor Mar 22 at 9:34

What is the output of ls -l ./Dual_Loop_PLL/agents ./Dual_Loop_PLL/agents/dual_loop_pll_agent?

If you will answer the above question then you will have the answer to your question.

Also read the manual for rename, and the section of the bash manual on quoting: Always quote your variables e.g. "$d1".

And I am not sure what you are doing with rename, you pass it: the evaluation of $d1 and $d2, a list of all the files in the current directory, and a list of file found by find.

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