I am running Centos 7 server. I am unable to start "nscd.service". Error shows "Failed to start Name Service Cache Daemon".

Please provide me with solution?

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    Is there any other information, or log entries? – RalfFriedl Mar 21 at 17:47
  • I ran JOURNALCTL -XB cmd & grepped with FAILED. Got below errors. "BAR 13: failed to assign [io size 0x1000] ". & " no space for [io size 0x1000]". – Potluru Mar 21 at 17:50
  • Check /var/log/messages. How was nscd installed? Is this a ESXi VM? – Deeh Mar 21 at 18:34
  • did you tag SELinux because suspect its involvement? – Jeff Schaller Mar 21 at 18:34
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    edit the information into the question, please. Do not use comments for this. It's nigh-on illegible. – JdeBP Mar 21 at 19:04

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