I have seemingly managed to install cuda successfully on a machine running centos 7, and a GeForce GPU. I am able to run nvidia-smi which confirms nvidia drivers and CUDA 10 is loaded. (I am running though a remote connection X11 enabled)

I am also able to run some of the cuda samples provided during installation - those which require no visualisation.

When I try to run the Image Graphical cuda examples, it attempts to open a window and fails, before I receive errors such as:

CUDA error at marchingCubes.cpp:485 code=30(cudaErrorUnknown) "cudaGraphicsGLRegisterBuffer(&cuda_posvbo_resource, posVbo, cudaGraphicsMapFlagsWriteDiscard)"

as well as indicating OpenGL extensions are missing:

The following required OpenGL extensions missing: GL_ARB_multitexture GL_ARB_vertex_buffer_object GL_EXT_geometry_shader4.

When they are not.

Has anyone experienced this? Is there something Im missing?

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