I'm currently struggling to get Compton and Pywal to play nice on my DWM setup. Currently, whenever I run Compton after Pywal using startx, the wallpaper is gray, and opening windows makes them appear to "stay" in the background. I am using the default Compton configuration, here is my .xinitrc:

# Set keymap to GB
setxkbmap gb &

# Statusbar
~/scripts/dwm_status &

# Change wallpaper with wal
wal -i /home/joe/pictures/wallpapers &

# Start compton
compton &

# Start DWM
exec dwm

Ah I feel a bit stupid, turns out all I had to do was copy the example config file to ~/.config/compton/compton.conf and change the backend to xrender before changing the line in my .xinitrc to:

compton --config ~/.config/compton/compton.conf -b

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