I am trying to install newer version of lsblk to Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.6. I have installed util-linux on my system in version util-linux.x86_64-2.23.2-59.el7_6.1 but due to a compatibility issue i need to have lsblk at teast on version 2.27.1 Unfortunatelly Red Hat does not privide newer package of util-linux. I have tried to search epel repository with no success. Is there any way to install newer version of lsblk ?


You can use the third-party package manager Nix to install a newer version of util-linux.

In fact, to avoid any potential compatibility issues with the rest of RHEL 7.6, I recommend running your application within a Nix environment which contains the newer util-linux. In other words, I recommend using nix-shell over nix-env. For example, after installing Nix you can run nix-shell -p utillinux to enter a shell which contains a newer version of util-linux. Outside of said shell the RHEL util-linux would be available.

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